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Waldmann silver pens xetra vienna Carinelli 2

Waldmann silver pens? The perfect gift idea for graduates!


Waldmann silver pens are a special gift idea for new graduates: choose your favorite one.

Graduation day is coming and that’s a proud day for everyone, so you sohould find the best gift idea to give the new graduates and it could be one of the precious Waldmann silver pens. Fountain pens, roller pens, ballpoint pens: for each character there is a different model to use, characterized by an exclusive workmanship. 

Produced entirely in 925 sterling silver, Waldmann pens are marked by an elegant and timeless design, as well as a supreme quality that emerges both in the craftsmanship and in the materials used. Only a few engravers in Germany are able to execute the “Vienna” motif: with this precious and unique workmanship, symbol of the finest craftsmanship, Waldmann’s silver pens become special “jewels” to be presented on special occasions. 

Handmade, original, timeless. The Xetra Vienna model is synonymous of craftsmanship “par excellence”. Great attention is paid to details, the Acanthus leaves, better known as “Viennese carvings”, made entirely by hand. The Xetra Vienna Waldmann silver pens are the ideal models for anyone who’s looking for a truly unique pen.

Fountain pen Xetra Vienna Black

Fountain pen Xetra Vienna is solid sterling silver 925 and multilayered brilliant black lacquer highly polished, with component parts rhodium plated; upper parte is hand engraved with “Vienna Pattern”. It has a solid spring supported clip, iridium tipped with stainless steel nib and a screw system cap. Black Ink. Lenght closed 137 mm, lenght uncapped 100 mm, weight 38 g., diameter 10,80 mm. 100% Made in Germany.

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