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Carinelli - Danhera cleaner and conditioner to keep your garments ultra soft

Danhera cleaner and conditioner to keep your garments ultra soft


DANHERA Italy collections are the result of the most sophisticated technology and gave life to a product that is a “friend” of women, that transforms cleaning and laundry in a pleasant, less heavy moment. A new and different concept of the cleaning and laundry world, where the product should be exposed almost like a real piece of furniture, because Danhera Italy products are aesthetically beautiful, as well as effective.

Danhera offers high performance products but absolutely safe and non-toxic at the same time, because the surfactants contained are eco-friendly and biocompatible; that means that they also respect the skin pH skin in addition to respecting the environment and can be used in absolute safety. They are also dye-free and help us to avoid the waste of product.

Royal Precious Fabrics Conditioner  is a beauty treatment for a perfect finish. An application of Royal Precious Fabrics Conditioner Nr. 103 is all you need as a final touch to perfect your precious washing. Emollient & delicate. The ultra protective formula and lovely texture guarantee an extraordinary sophistication for an absolute beauty.  

Royal Cashmire & Precious Wool Cleaner is equipped with extraordinary properties. A few precious drops of this exclusive detergent give new life to fine yarns and help preserve the natural balance of the fibers for a real anti-aging action. The natural condition of moisture in cashmere is restored, improving softness, beauty and texture. Cashmere & Precious Wool Royal Nr. 102 represents the non plus ultra of science and luxurious care of cashmere: the heart and mind of the Royal collection. It’s a rare combination of principles derived from plants to keep intact over time the charm and purity of the yarns