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Carinelli Waldmann

Waldmann pens are the result of skilled and experienced engravers


Waldmann pens (Vienna model) are the result of skilled and experienced hands of the best engravers, who give life to unique and exclusive, entirely handmade, silver accessories. Waldmann history, production and development began in 1918 in Pforzheim, a German city in the Black Forest in the field of jewelery. The attention paid to the entire manufacturing process, the use of high quality materials, the excellent technique, as well as unique shapes and designs, have made the Waldmann pens a precious object with an unmistakable individuality. Waldmann pens are 100% made in Germany and therefore proudly bear the “Made in Germany” label.

1Made with traditional techniques, perfected over the years, owe their elegance and originality to the skill and experience of the best engravers, specialized professionals who give life to exclusive writing instruments. Every single engraving can be distinguished by width, depth and radius, making each Vienna pen a unique object. Waldmann is therefore synonymous with craftsmanship par excellence. Great attention is paid to details, the Acanthus leaves, better known as Viennese engravings, made by hand.