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white and black Panama hat Carinelli

The white and black Panama hat for the hot season


With the arrival of the hot season, choose the white and black Panama hat!

Wishing a functional and fresh hat? As always, choose your favourite white and black Panama hat… a classic must have in August. The famous woven straw Panama hat is a symbolo of summer and of the hot season; wide-brimmed or narrow, according to the taste, the white and black Panama hat is the result of a precious straw weave, a complex process and a craft tradition handed down for generations.

Decorated with a ribbon and a bow, produced following the best “Made in Italy” tradition, the Panama hat may require a very long weaving process, especially in high quality hats. The weaving by hand, in fact, can take from 4 to 6 months because of the plot which is very dense. In addition, some models are made only in the early morning hours, when the air is fresh, to prevent fiber breakage.

Sorbatti, faithful to the Panama hat tradition, selects the best raw materials from Ecuador, but creates them and elaborates them according to the Italian taste. In order to maintain the shape, hang the hat or place it in the hatbox. Store in a cool and dry place and avoid contact with water; if the hat gets wet, leave it to rest until it is dry.

Panama 415 white and black

Fine Panama hat, Italian Lifestyle icon, 100% hand-woven natural straw.
Brim 6,5 cm, front cap height 10,5 cm, grade 3, textile ribbon and bow.
Since 1922 Sorbatti's family made hats in conformity with the old tradition weaving straw typical of Montappone, a quaint town of Marche region, in Italy.
Nowadays old machines and humble objects witness the devotion to work and passion that have led this land to be the most important hats manufacture centre and Italian pride on the world.

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