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Carinelli David Gandy London Sock Co socks

The model David Gandy is London Sock Co. socks brand ambassador


Quality, style and professionalism are three elements that are at the base of the production chain of London Sock Co. socks

The British model David Gandy has always been a great lover of sartorial style and with London Sock Co. socks was love at first sight! Mr. Gandy was among the first supporter of the British brand and has now become its brand ambassador.

A refined design, precious materials and sartorial craftsmanship are the distinctive elements of London Sock Co. socks, luxury and fashionable items that appeal to the modern gentleman.

For the founders Ryan and Dave this exciting journey starts in 2013 with a simple observation: very few men wear ties nowadays but pay more attention to socks. So, one evening in September, in 2013, friends Ryan Palmer and Dave Pickard decide to create an experience of quality and convenience for men all over the world. The mission? To ensure that contemporary man can always feel at ease, showing off a touch of style, letting his personality leap from the details he chooses and wears, making himself known for the “right reasons”.

London Sock Co. socks have been worn by a number of international celebrities, including Daniel Craig, Colin Firth and Bradley Cooper. The most elegant british man, David Gandy, the top male model for Italian stylists Dolce & Gabbana, has even invested in the brand in 2015.

Quality, style and professionalism are in fact three elements that are at the base of the production chain of the London Sock Co. socks made of fine precious scottish cotton.

A product for every occasion: company meeting, excursion trip, romantic dates, informal events, interviews … Men’s socks are available in an extraordinary variety of textures and proposed in an elegant gift box that transforms them into the perfect gift. Designed exclusively for men seeking luxury, without sacrificing comfort or durability.

London Sock Co. socks are finely worked with high quality Scottish cotton yarns. Choose your favorite ones from a wide range of vibrant colors.