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Carinelli men's socks london sock

Luxury men’s socks? Model David Gandy chooses London Sock Co.


The elegant brand of socks for the modern gentleman. London Sock Co. combines high quality materials, refined design and excellent tailoring skills. Every step of the processing is followed in detail, focusing on the three plus points of the brand: quality, comfort, fit.

The London Sock Co. products have been worn by a number of international celebrities, including Daniel Craig, Colin Firth, Bradley Cooper and Britain’s most elegant man David Gandy, the top male model for the Italian Dolce & Gabbana stylists, which also invested in the brand in 2015. For the founders Ryan and Dave, London Sock CO. is the result of an exciting journey started in 2013 with a simple observation: very few men wore ties in those days, and people noticed more and more socks. Hence the journey becomes a mission: to help modern men to add style, personality and get noticed for the right reasons. Simply wearing the best quality fashionable socks. London Sock Co. is based on a simple principle: making it fit better. Each sock is designed for the modern gentleman. Colors, patterns and professional style, all designed to last.

London Sock Co. products are made using the best skills and the finest materials from the UK and Europe. London Sock Co. offers several lines to suit every occasion, from casual to the most elegant and special. This spring’s Jacquard collection is named after Joseph Marie Jacquard, the French inventor of the revolutionary machine that creates the complex geometric patterns of this bold design.

The complex designs in the precious lisle thread are an added value that this collection gives the London Sock Co. Stocking The appealing motif is perfect to add a touch of elegance to an elegant dress, or to customize a fashionable fabric.

Jacquard Gift Box with cotton socks

3 pairs of socks “Jacquard Collection”
named after Joseph Marie Jacquard, the French inventor of the ground-breaking machine which creates the complex geometric patterns of these bold designs. An eye-catching design perfect for adding a dash of flair to a sharp suit or smart chino.
These socks are finely knitted using the highest quality Scottish Lisle Cotton yarns.

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