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gentleman braces carinelli

How to recognize a gentleman? Look at his braces!


The braces are the inevitable accessory for the new gentleman. A little “hipster”, always fashionable, lovers of a casual yet sophisticated style. The modern gentleman is an untiring traveler, he knows how to fit the look in any situation and always has a touch of fantasy.

The choice of the perfect accessory is crucial, and between belt and braces there are no doubt. While the first one creates a discordant effect at times, due the weight of the buckle, the latter instead give harmony in the masculine look, sustaining the waist and keeping the figure intact. Needless to say, never wear braces along with belt.

A tip: it would be good to remove the loops from the trousers. Conceived in the distant nineteenth century as a useful accessory, the braces become an essential detail not so much for utility as for the desire to always be fashionable. The braces are formed by two parallel bands, available in different fabrics, more or less valuable, in different widths, to be chosen according to the size. The cross behind the back can be in the shape of an X or Y. The closure is decisive for the style you want to achieve: there may be clips, more casual, or buttonholes and buttons for a more refined look.

Another advice? Eye to the plots and the game of balance between the fantasies. The polka dot and striped straps are versatile and may be suitable for various occasions, but if worn with patterned shirts the motifs must be of different sizes. A true gentleman knows that the details make the difference.