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Officine Federali women’s bags and backpacks collections


Women's Officine Federali backpacks, for real travel addicted

Looking for women's backpacks for the summer? Choose the perfect model for you

The beautiful season is always synonymous with travel: eithe rit be in train , by car, by foot or by plane, it hs no importance. Only being far away from home instills in everyone a sense of wellbeing. you feel more relaxed, far awawy from everyday routine, in search of new adventures, new wrolds to discover, new friendships, new places to explore. The best way to do it? Backpacks and desire for new things.

The modern brand Officine -Federali knows it well whose name is not by chance a clear reference to the Swiss railway construction workshops. The women’s backpacks made of leather with handles, with an innovative and youthful mood, perfectly embodies a lively lifestyle. A sort of traveling nomad, a gipsy style but a fashionista, at the same time, with an eye to the high quality of the product.

Very spacious and equipped with a large canvas pocket, designed to protect your computer from shocks and temperature changes, the women Officine Federali backpack are also ideal for protecting documents or to store objects that can be accessed quickly. The shoulder straps are adjustable in length. Their width and softness guarantee the correct distribution of weights, avoiding shoulder fatigue. All the belts are reinforced to withstand intense use.