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Amalfi coast’s lovely landscapes on FeFè scarves


On FeFè scarves all the magic of the Amalfi Coast.

The FeFè scarves are accessories inspired by the evocative landscapes of the Amalfi Coast. They’re products wearable all seasons. Made of 100% cotton, the FeFè Capri Scarf is the result of a skilful craftsmanship; the Capri print is obtained, effectively, thanks to the use of sophisticated fabric painting techniques, as well as all FeFè scarves. Entirely handcrafted, made with accurate painting techniquesFeFè scarves collections can be worn in any season.

The name of the brand, FeFè, is a self-ironic, ambitious, strongly Neapolitan word. Extremely simple but incredibly sophisticated, at the same time: models of classical tradition revisited in a modern way, revolutionized in style, in presentation, in essence.

High quality beauty cases combined with colorful scarves, characterized by an innovative, conceptual, experimental design. FeFè products come from the best Italian weavers, master craftsmen and tailors. Made with the most precious silks, they are rigorously Made in Italy and wink at the biggest fashion brands.

Capri cotton scarf

100% Cotton Capri scarf, an accessory wearable in all seasons, the result of skilled craftsmanship and ispired by the evocative landscapes of the Amalfi coast; the Capri print is obtained thanks to the use of sophisticated fabric painting techniques. Measures: 140x140 cm. 100% Made In Italy.

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