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Amen jewelry brand, a symbol of spirituality, is born from the desire to give words of faith to loved ones. Amen jewels represent innovation and creativity Made in Italy. They arise from the desire to be a jewel to wear and to give to partners, children, and friends to feel loved and protected. Amen jewels are a must for both men and women. This project was born from the entrepreneur Giovanni Licastro who in 2012 decides to create a jewelry made of words. The first word on which he concentrates was the word faith which is part of the interiority of each human being; a word that inspires joy, comfort, remembrance and hope. The name of the Amen brand itself inspires familiar feelings of truth and certainty in the whole world. Amen is a brand that with its jewels full of meaning accompanies the daily life of men and women who are connected to the High through this precious object.